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"Every aspect of the world today - even politics and international relations - is affected by chemistry " - Linus Pauling

Set in a picturesque landscape at the foothills of the Western Ghats, National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) is located about 22 kilometers north-east of Calicut City. The programmes and courses offered at NITC are designed to provide a balanced blend of basics of any field and adequate exposure to cutting edge ideas, research and technology in the area.

In education and research, the Department of Chemistry is emerging as a major centre of excellence, not only in the national level but also in the international level. The academic activities of the department are supported by highly qualified and experienced faculties who pursue research in the frontier areas of science. The major research areas covered by the department include theoretical and computational chemistry, polymer science and technology, physical chemistry, coordination chemistry, organic chemistry, bio-organic and bio-inorganic chemistry. The department has the state of the art instrumentation facilities, for thermal, mechanical and spectroscopic characterization of materials, and other laboratory facilities. The research activities in the department are generously supported by the external national and international funding agencies. The department also has collaborative research programs with national and international universities/institutes.


Nammude Koykod!

Kozhikode or Calicut is one of the prominent trade and commerce centres in Kerala. It was the capital town of the Zamorins who reigned at this region for a long period. Vasco de Gama landed here in AD 1498 and since then Kozhikode has been an important port in the Malabar region for the trade of spices, silk and other goods. The name Calicut was given by the British who made it the capital of Malabar region. Today, it is the headquarters of a district of the same name and the third most populous city in the state of Kerala. This district is famous for its food, lush green countryside, beaches and historical places.  Make sure to have a plate of the 'Koykod biriyani' and 'sulaimani' before you leave the town!

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